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Grieving – Losing a Brother

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A.P. Morris with her brother Craig

Regardless of how it happens, losing a brother or  losing a sister can be traumatic and life-altering. Dealing with suicide is an especially painful experience.

For me, it felt like a part of me was amputated without my permission.

Although I wanted to believe that my brother was happy in the afterlife, I wasn’t sure. For a very long time after losing him to suicide, half of me felt dead too.

Most of the time, the suffering was so unbearable that I tried to numb the pain with anything i could — alcohol, drugs, or attention from guys.

None of them worked.

When I stopped trying to dull the pain, it was still there, maybe even worse because it festered for so many years.

I desperatelyNEEDED to know if he was OK.

And then 1 day in a few moments,  my prayers were answered when

Psychic Medium, Ricky Wood helped me by giving me messages from him!

I knew right away it was my brother talking to me

because Ricky used a nickname that my dad had called my brother when we were young that I’d never told a soul about it!  Even my oldest friends were shocked!

Here is what he said to me in an excerpt from the book —

( “They’re Not Gone”, excerpt from Chapter 2 –Ketchup, pg. 14)

After another half a minute or so, Ricky turned and looked at me questioningly. “Ketchup?” he asked appearing confused.

“What does “ketchup” mean Amy?” Ricky asked uncertain of his message. My dad would yell, “Come on Craig, you’re so damn slow you’re just like ketchup!” The name eventually became just Ketchup whenever he took too long and he tested dad’s patience.

Knowing that it was definitely my brother allowed me to relax and hear the other messages he had for me.

Psychic Medium Ricky Wood, changed my life that day!

Hearing from my brother, Craig, allowed me to finally begin to live my life again.  I am forever changed because I now know that there is an afterlife, and  his spirit is still very much alive!

My wish is to share my message with anyone who is suffering from the loss of a loved one.  They’re Not Gone, their spirits are still very much “alive.”  Their love is still around you.

Wishing you love & peace,

A.P. Morris

     You Can Buy the book now at Amazon in Print & Kindle versions or at Barnes & Noble in Print & Nook versions.


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