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Do We Create Our Own Heaven & Hell?

Is ‘Hell on Earth’ Self-Inflicted?

I think the answer to that is a resounding Yes!

Working as a Psychic Medium & Intuitive Life Coach, for over ten years now, has provided me with a lot of first-hand insight about what causes people to be unhappy.

Sadly, many people are under the assumption that being here on Earth is the hard part, the test or something to survive…thus coining the term – ‘Hell on Earth.’

It is my opinion that the opposite is true. Even when your spirit leaves your body, it is still the same spirit, in need of growth, nurturing and care. Although you may have more clarity, the problems you have, stemming from a lack of personal peace, do not vanish with death.

Sure, some of the material-based ones, like you no longer have a mortgage to pay. But the whole reason that you are struggling in the first place is still intact.

I was asked a question in the book; They’re Not Gone by A.P. Morris, which speaks to my belief about what causes people’s unhappiness.

(excerpted from the Q & A section with Ricky from Chapter 3 Old Friends, pg. 41)

How important do you think “believing” you are

OK, whether your current physical existence ends

or not, is to enjoying your life here and now on


“I think if everyone knew that they’d be OK, that

everything is going to be alright, they could live

their life more fully. Half the problem is that most of

us hold on to our own guilt, shame, control issues,

and all kinds of stuff. Most people come from a

place of fear constantly. They have a fear of losing

something, or a fear of not being able to control

something, so that usually creates all of their worry.

Most people don’t like to go with the flow, they can’t

stand it. I think that is part of the ‘hell on Earth’ that

people deal with. It is kind of funny, but if more

people where a little more like Forest Gump, I think

it would be a lot better. We all have our own fear

base. I think the less fear someone has, the better

off they are. We spend most time trying to influence

or change an individual, but contentment comes

from self-achieved happiness. Your inner core is

happy. If someone has a child that is acting up or a

spouse or pet that is not doing what they would like

them to do, they are unhappy. We all want them do

what we want them to do, then we think we’ll be

happy. It isn’t always true.”

It is my wish for you today, that you are able to find your happiness; regardless of what anyone else has going on.

Make this day a good one, a happy one…maybe even your own ‘heaven on earth.’

All my best,

Ricky Wood

Psychic Medium

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