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They’re Not Gone – Now Available in Towne Book Center in Collegeville, PA



A.P. Morris

They’re Not Gone, Penned By Local Author, Now Available at

Towne Book Center & Café in Collegeville, PA

Phoenixville, PA – August 11, 2011 –A.P. Morris, is happy to announce that copies of her book, They’re Not Gone, are now available for purchase through the Towne Book Center & Café.

Located in the sprawling Providence Town Center, in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, the Towne Book Center & Café is not just any old bookstore. Owned & operated by a local family, P.K. & Indira Sindwanis, who demonstrate that they care about their community by offering numerous programs to assist families, charities and much more.

As an independent store, the Sindwanis are free to assist local residents and other businesses in the area. Keeping their strong foundation, the store has programs to assist families in saving money on required reading while simultaneously earning funds for their schools, offers special fund raisers tailored to and for local charities, sponsors a public book club which is still going after 8 years, opens its doors for tours and special events, and runs its own fundraisers to benefit our community. Always seeking new ways to be involved, we look forward to the opportunities of the future.

A.P. Morris is thrilled to have They’re Not Gone included in the Towne Book Center’s repertoire of books.

They’re Not Gone shares stories of 13 people whose loved ones passed away and their eventual ‘reconnection’ through the assistance of local Psychic Medium, Ricky Wood. Each story contains ‘evidence’ that their spirits are still very much alive. Wood delivers specifics from names and dates to mannerisms and jokes to verify the spirit who is communicating.

“I’m very excited to have the opportunity to share some amazing true life stories. The information contained in this book could change so many people’s lives. I know – it changed mine,” Morris said

To purchase a copy of the book “They’re Not Gone,” for $15.95 online, visit the Towne Book Center online ordering or visit Towne Book Center and Café at 220 Plaza Drive, Suite 3 in Collegeville, PA 19426. (Across from Wegmans)

Phone 610-454-0640.

If you wish to contact A.P. Morris, you can email her at


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