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Do We Create Our Own Heaven & Hell?

Is ‘Hell on Earth’ Self-Inflicted? I think the answer to that is a resounding Yes! Working as a Psychic Medium & Intuitive Life Coach, for over ten years now, has provided me with a lot of first-hand insight about what causes people to be unhappy. Sadly, many people are under the assumption that being here …

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Coping With the Death and Grief of Losing a Parent

Coping with death & grief is one of life’s most difficult challenges, but dealing with the death of a parent comes with its own type of grieving and issues. Something happens, instantly happens when your parent dies.  It is one of those rare instances that time seems to slow down so drastically that you wonder …

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Grieving the Loss of A Child

Grieving the death of a child is by far the worst pain a parent can feel.  How can it NOT be?  A parent’s first instinct is to protect their children. Dealing with grief from losing a child can seem near impossible and for many, believing in an afterlife is the only thing that can help …

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Grieving – Losing a Brother

Regardless of how it happens, losing a brother or  losing a sister can be traumatic and life-altering. Dealing with suicide is an especially painful experience. For me, it felt like a part of me was amputated without my permission. Although I wanted to believe that my brother was happy in the afterlife, I wasn’t sure. …

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